From Sannine, from the mountain of the rising sun, from Baskinta the highest village in the Levant and “jaret el kamar” the neighbor of the moon, Marhaba. Marhaba to you dearest son of Baskinta, Mr. President of the Dominican Republic: Luis Jose Abinader.
Marhaba from the Biblical land of a thousand springs, the “Land of Milk and Honey”.
Marhaba from Baskinta, the Christian bastion of the Maronite Marada.
Marhaba from the “Cross of the Nations” planted by Queen St Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, on the top of Sannine in the fourth century AD, celebrating the victory of Christianity on paganism, the light over darkness.
Marhaba from Wadi El Jamajem, the valley of sculls, the gate of hell to all invaders throughout history.
Marhaba from the son of Baskinta, the Hermit of Chakhroub, Mikhael Naeimeh, founder of the Al Rabbitah Al Qalamiyah “Pen League” with Gibran Khalil Gibran in New York.
Marhaba from your grandfather, Jose S. Abinader, and grandmother Esther Wasaf, who’s parents set sail in the 1800s to conquer the unknown, on the footsteps of our Phoenician Elissa.
Marhaba from your late father Jose Rafael Abinader Wassaf, founder of the first University in the Dominican Republic “Universidad Dominicana O&M”, emulating Pythagoras, the first to open a free mixed University in the West.
Marhaba, to Jose Rafael Abinader Wassaf, whose name will be added to the 22 literary acclaimed figures as a new landmark on the glorious trail of 24 KLM across Baskinta.
Marhaba from Ayin El Rahib, and Ayin El Kabou, the land of inspiration to Amin Maalouf and his Stone of Tanios.
Marhaba from the mythical land of Adonis & lshtar. Please Dear President accept our bouquet of anemones “Dahnono”, symbol of eternal resurgence, love and freedom. Was not this Phoenician revolutionary DNA that propelled you to the presidency?
Please Dear President, you are the pride of the Lebanese Diaspora. Please accept our 20 million congratulations.
From the ladies of your beloved Baskinta, to you, to your family, to the souls of your parents, and all compatriots from the Dominican Republic:
From the heights of Baskinta to the shores of the beloved Dominican Republic, we send you our best wishes of success.

Your Baskinta’s compatriot Khalil Khoury,
President of WLCU NA