Who will be the winner of this fight between the coronavirus and the Human species? Is the winner going to be the coronavirus that lacks a brain, or the Human species, which prides itself in the power of its intellect?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has carried a sudden attack on the Human species. It has spread like fire, attacking humans on all continents and sparing no countries. It swept through communities with no warning, no mercy, no pity, and its only agenda was to wipe out the Human species. But what is a virus, and what is this coronavirus? In fact, viruses have no brain, no intellect, and viruses don’t think. Viruses can’t even sustain themselves without a hosting species.  So, where do viruses such as coronavirus derive their strength and power? I have to say it lays in the power of their genetic material, or simply their genes. The coronavirus is basically a small piece of genetic material inside a protective envelope; there is nothing smart about it except that by a strike of chance, its genetic material acquired the ability to invade and evade human cells. These features, and being invisible to the human eye, allowed the coronavirus to mount such a sudden unprecedented attack on the Human species.

As a consequence of this merciless attack by the coronavirus, numerous individuals have lost lives. Death tolls in many cities, counties, communities and nations have been astonishingly high, and hospitals and health care systems have been overwhelmed and have gotten exhausted. Millions of people lost their jobs, and numerous businesses closed. Several establishments as a product of centuries of human civilization were at risk of collapsing, and the strongest of governments and nations were shaken. The world’s economy nearly shut down. Certainly, the coronavirus seemed to be winning amidst the peak of such blur and disarray. It almost appeared that all of what the human species had been constructing over recorded history was about to crumble, vanish, and be wiped out.

But not so fast Mr. Coronavirus. Actually, coronavirus, you are no Mr. and you are no warrior. You are not even considered a living organism. You are simply a piece of genetic material with no direction and no thought, and you are totally destined by your genetic code. In other words, you are nothing but a nuisance with diabolical nature. I have a brief message for you coronavirus; the Human species will beat you up sooner or later. While your initial invisible and merciless attack succeeded in its initial phase, I predict that your attack will be aborted, and you will be defeated and terminated.  The Human species has already elucidated your genetic code, and has seen you under the microscope. Human scientists developed testing to find you, and doctors are succeeding in aborting your attacks. Public health measures have been taken to arrest you in your tracks. You are not invisible any more, and your ways are not secret any more. Numerous treatments against your very existence are being evaluated. Consorted efforts from the best Human minds are converging on you; in other words, we will find you and we will eradicate you. Your fate will mirror that of many other viruses that attacked the Human species and all of them were defeated and destroyed. Your mere existence will soon be reduced to stories in history books from which our future human generations will further learn lessons how to mitigate vicious attacks like yours, and defeat treacherous and diabolical viruses like you coronavirus.

I have a final word to you, coronavirus, before you are totally extinguished. Despite the calamity and high death toll that you have imposed on the Human species as a consequence of your immoral attack, our Human species and communities will emerge stronger than before. We have already seen people uniting, Good Samaritans emerging, communities and health care workers stepping up their efforts, public health systems mounting their vigilance, companies coordinating their manufacturing in times of crisis, nations working together, and clergy finding ways to reach out to their conglomerations in many new ways. Also, unlike your evil coronavirus nature, we believe in God, and our almighty God is our support, and with his will, we will defeat you, and we will stay united and stronger than ever.