And here you have it: For the first time in the history of Houston that the pageant Miss Lebanese Emigrants- West Coast USA is ever seen in a glamorous high-end celebration, with a panel of judges comprised of beauty experts and specialized doctors, far away from favoritism and nepotism.

This pageant celebration will be done annually to highlight Lebanese beauty within emigrant communities. Just like emigrants participated in the Lebanese elections by casting their ballots, emigrant beauty will have their voices heard and their persons represented in the original homeland.

Indeed, Lebanon hasn’t much to export to the outside world but its human capital. So it exported men and women that built “little Lebanon’s” in many emigrant societies. And so it is today, from our place on the American soil in Houston, that we are about to send this Lebanese emigrant beauty back to Lebanon where it will have the opportunity to participate in the Emigrant Beauty Final pageant on August 3, in the town of Dhour El-Shweir under the auspice of the Lebanese ministries of Tourism and the Interior, and the supervision of the World Lebanese Cultural Union.

So the question remains: who shall carry the beauty crown on May 24th during the celebration pageantry in the halls of Chateau Crystal 2517 S. Gessner Rd, Houston 77063?

Who will get to carry the Lebanese Cedar in her head, since it’s part and parcel of the beauty crown?

The Miss Emigrant Beauty pageant is not a commercial operation, nor a for-profit enterprise… it is a matter of patriotism, and a message of Lebanese patriotism.
So we would like to invite all of you girls of Lebanese descent and belonging between the ages of 18 and 25 to participate in a good spirit of sportsmanship, that we may tell the world: the beautiful Lebanon is still beautiful. And to borrow from the great artist Wadih al-Safi, Oh you Lebanon, you piece of Heaven…